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UK Country Living December 2022


I had a lovely time writing, commissioning, editing and creatively directing health and  beauty pages for many years. Here are a few favourites from The Mail on Sunday's YOU Magazine.

Below, the cover of my first book, Faking It!

Published by Carlton in 1999.

For further archive pieces on a variety of subjects written by me, try Google. 


Writing Faking It! was both cathartic and a means of escaping a fearsome magazine editor at the end of the last millennium. I took a six week sabbatical and out it all came. Serialised in the Daily Mail, banded onto the cover of Elle, Faking It! was unusual at the time. Up until then beauty writing was a serious matter: ernest, didactic and expert, usually with aspirational photography to back up the 'advice'. Faking It! is a text heavy, subversive, funny and conspiratorial conversation with the sisterhood. Fat legs on the beach? Who really cares, but certainly don't starve yourself or worry, just dig some hollows in the sand and plunge your thighs inside them, enjoying the trickery.

Tackling  the 'good girl' tendency to try to be perfect which corrosively can last a lifetime, head on, Faking It! embraced the opposite: the slap dash, the good enough and the upbeat. 

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